Analytics to help you

  • Standard usage reporting – What activity is going on with subscribers

  • Churn – What is happening with customers

  • Plan optimization – How can you adjust plans to optimize costs

  • Forecasting – What will/can customer base look like

Standard usage reporting

  • Usage statistics – MOUs / SMS / Intl

  • Geographic mapping

  • Traffic utilization by country

  • Call duration, costs, and QoS

  • Anti-Fraud alerts

Plan optimization

  • Breakage analysis

  • ILD- Optimal plan fitting

  • MVNO plan analysis

  • Customized data plans


  • Standard reports

  • Insights based on several variables

    including (Demographics & Economics)

  • Predictive Churn modeling


Provide reports on your forecasts and actual trends

Predictive analytics – Forecast and Impacts on forecast based upon insights from:

  • Historical trends

  • Changes in rate structure

  • External factors and cohorts – Geographic, user / country patterns, holidays

  • National and international events